Magic House: Adult Play Date

"So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us." ~Gaston Bachelard

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! With my husband's recent career transition and his first of many holiday weekends off, we were looking forward to celebrating. We took in the Japanese Festival at the Botanical Gardens, met up with our local alumni group to watch the opening game for Oklahoma State, met our new nephew, fit in a few runs at Forest Park, and ate and drank our way with friends through the Greek Festival. After a busy holiday weekend, I wanted to sit down and write a quick recap about a really fun Thursday night we had a couple weeks ago.

Two Thursdays ago, we met up with friends, and headed out the Magic House in Kirkwood to let out our inner child. The Young Professionals Board of Magic House was hosting an Adult Play Date (21+) and for $25 tickets included an open bar, appetizers, an “adult” ice cream bar, and admission into Magic House after hours.

We got there slightly after 6pm, and after hitting up the bar we made a beeline for the appetizers. Selections included Gus’ pretzel bites with beer cheese dipping sauce, hummus with veggies, caprese salad skewers, and brisket quesadillas. There were plenty of appetizers but the bites were small, so I would definitely recommend eating something light before going. The bar included a red and white wine as well as a selection of four beers.

We started out on third floor at, “Can you solve a mystery?”. The answer, is not really. How many working professional adults does it take to solve a mystery at a children’s museum? Apparently four.

We worked our way through all the exhibits. We played in the bubble room, solved math problems, built race cars, unsuccessfully, and pretended to run a grocery store and veterinarian office.

My favorite exhibit was, Future Play: Art + Technology. Here you could color and create houses, cars, and airplanes and then have them scanned so that they would appear in the digital town on the big screen. There was also a 3D printer where your creations could be printed out. So fun!

The adorable orange and white striped house was my colorful creation.

The adorable orange and white striped house was my colorful creation.

My house "printed" out

My house "printed" out

We ended in the Star-Spangled Center where there is a replica of the Oval Office, a court room, and the senate. I channeled my inner Fitz in the Oval Office. We also tried our hand at questions from the Citizenship exam. We did decently, I’m chalking up our missed answers to one too many glasses of wine.

All in all, it was a super fun, easy, and casual weekday event. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of the 9-to-5 “adulting;” breaking out of the general routine and spending a few hours being a kid again, but with wine, was such a wonderful way to break up the week. In the words of Ward Cleaver, "You're never too old to do goofy stuff."