New England Summer Road Trip: Part 1

It's been officially one year since our trip to Kenya and I still haven't finished blogging about it. Clearly I shouldn't quit my day job and become a travel blogger! We switched it up this year, and we recently got back from a road trip that took us from St. Louis, up through New England, over to Michigan, and back home. This time last year, even before heading to Kenya,  the wheels were already spinning on where I wanted to go in 2018. Those who know me well know my travel schedule is generally planed out, at least loosely, 12-18 months in advanced! A summer trip to New England had been on my mind and we also seriously considered a trip to Germany, Austria, and Hungry for over the winter, but while in Africa we met so many people who commented on the beauty and vastness of the United States that it stirred something in me to want to do a longer trip here in the U.S. Since money and vacation leave do not grow on trees, we decided to nix a big international trip this year and stay "local". I've always loved New England, even before my obsession with wanting to be a Gilmore Girl. I looked at colleges up east and always dreamed of living there one today. Although fall seems like the quintessential time to visit, something about summer was calling to me (which is good since Chris has no fall break). I envisioned a slower pace trip, where we could really relax, spend time together outdoors. I had dreams of lobster rolls, homemade ice cream, and lots of time spent hiking, biking, and by the ocean.  I learned from our Italy trip that I do best when I can spend at least 3 night in the same location.  After running the numbers on flights, car rentals, bike and bike rack rentals, we quickly decided road tripping it in our Subaru with our bikes was the way to go, and although I always prefer to fly, I actually really enjoyed our road trip. I think the key to our success was we were never rushed and we broke up our drives really nicely.  We were gone a total of 17 days and I plan to break up the trip into two posts. So grab your drink of choice and settle in for post #1!

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